Movie Request

Since I am home from the hospital (explanation to come for those that don't know) and will be on the couch a lot in the next few weeks. If you have any romantic comedies or a Jane Austen type movie, or just a movie that you really like. Can I either borrow it, or have a name so I can send Brad to rent it. Thanks!

Christmas Morning

The boys pretty much got the same things this year and this to share. It was a hard year to know what they want. Plus, they just play together anyway.
Gracie wanted and got a snuggie for kids, and she was more than excited about it.
We make them wait and start to open them at the same time.
The kids with their stocking, they are some cute kids!

Isaac and Mitchell in their Oregon sweatshirts from Grandpa Tippetts, and their blue rain boots, that they were so excited about.

We had a great Christmas day. We didn't have to get up until 8:00 and then we had a big breakfast that Brad was nice enough to make. We hung around and played with their new toys until the afternoon and then we went to a family's house for dinner. It was great company and the kids played and had fun. It was a great day as a family and with friends.