Rodeo Family Fun

We attempted to brave the Rodeo in the freezing cold weather. Here we all are bundled and trying to stay warm.
The sad thing is this is Texas and it's not supposed to be this cold, on a normal year it would have been 70 outside.
We lasted a little over an hour. But it was just too cold. The kids had a blast though, and we will return next year, but only if it's warmer.
I stopped taking pictures because the battery to the camera was runing low. It was great to go with good friends and have a fun night!

Hospital Visit

I had to go to the emergency room last Tuesday because I woke up with a sharp pain on my left side. Having had one ectopic pregnancy ( on the left) I knew what it was and knew I needed to go to the hospital ASAP. After some tests the results showed that it was positive for a tubal pregnancy and I had to have it surgically removed. I had surgery that early afternoon and after a 2 day stay in the hospital I am home. I have been reading and watching movies to pass some of the time. I am feeling much better and I feel a little better everyday. I hope to have a full recovery in the 6 weeks they told me it would take from the procedure that I had. I am so very thankful for the help with my kids, and the flowers, visits, meals, and phone calls. Our family hopes to resume back to normal very quickly.