Christmas Card 2011

Merry Christmas!

New bed

We were in need of a new bed and when we looked at them and couldn't find one we loved I decided to take my friend up on her offer to help me build a headboard. I had doubts about my being able to do it. But I did actually do it, and it turned out pretty great I might add. I used power tools and saws and I enjoyed doing it and the time with my friend. With 7 kids running around it only took about 4 hrs. to build. Not too bad. Of course it took a lot longer to prime and paint and get it in my room. But it is finished and I LOVE it! I need to paint my room and get some new bedding and hang pictures on the wall and I will finally have a pretty bedroom. Here are some pictures of the process
After we were finished building it.
It sat in the garage for a month and it got cold so we moved it inside to prime it.
We painted it it with oil based paint and it is stinky so we moved it back outside to paint and let it dry.
In our room and hung on the wall. Once I paint the wall and find bedding I love, I will post a new picture.