Happy Halloween

Gracie wanted to be Hermione for Halloween. She didn't want curlers in her hair because it would take away from the length. So I came up with this idea to get her hair curly without sacrificing the length.

This is what it looked like when I took it all out, before I combed through it and made it Hermione poofy.
Isaac and Mitchell ready to go to the Trunk or Treat. No costume for Mitchell again. He had 2 costume choices to choose from, spider man or a cowboy. He said it's too scary to dress up.
Here all three kids are in costume ready to go.
I am pretty proud of how Gracie's hair turned out.
Isaac wanted a bat, Mitchell a Cat and Gracie came up with her own invention.
They had to make some funny faces in the pictures after I took some of them looking cute.

My Blog

Our home was broken into in July, and with that our computer was taken and all of our pictures on it. I was upset about our house, but I was really sad that all of those pictures of my kids at various times of their lives were gone. A few weeks ago, I was on my blog and I was looking at older posts, and there were so many posts of events and favorite pictures of the kids. I love that we have the technology now so that we can do these things to keep a record of our family. Although my blog might not be that interesting or exciting, it's our lives and what we do, and now I have some fun memories and documentation of things in our lives. I might start posting more with pictures and random things, so that I have them, just in case. It doesn't make up for all the pictures lost, but it's a foundation to build upon. I am also so grateful for those people that have found pictures of our family or my kids and have sent them to me, so I can get a collection going again.

Temple Trip

This is the group that Isaac decided to walk around with.
We got Mitchell to stop playing in the fountain, long enough to get a picture
Gracie with some girls from her primary class

In September our ward had a Temple trip for a Primary activity. It was so great to go to the temple as a family and get to walk around and look at the beautiful grounds, and have the kids be so excited about the temple. We walked around for about 35 minutes, and then we went into to the waiting room and sang primary songs, until a Patron from the temple came in to talk to the children and answer any questions that they had. It was a great activity that we will remember for a long time.

Art Lessons

Gracie has always loved to draw and paint. So, I was so excited when I found a lady that goes to our church that was willing to teach her art lessons. She has had 5 lessons and has been loving it. This is her first completed project and I am excited to see what more comes.