Gracie's Baptism

Gracie with her Grandma & Grandpa Tippetts. It was so much fun having them here.
Gracie with her Uncle Paul, Aunt Amy, and cousin Luke. Thanks for sharing her special day.
I can't believe she is growing up so fast!
Gracie with her little Ansly. She wanted a picture with Ansly on her big day.
Brad and Gracie all dressed in white.
Gracie with her brothers above, and our family below.
Gracie turned 8 on May 22, and was baptized on June 6, 2009. She had a great day and she was so happy, we are so proud of her and we love her very much. We are so thankful that she got to come to our family, she is so sweet and such a big helper.

May in a nutshell

We aren't normally able to celebrate our anniversary, with Gracie's birthday the day before. But this year we had the time, the money, and someone to watch the kids. We were able to go out and do something to celebrate. I can't believe it's been 9 years. It's gone by so fast, but it seems like we have always had eachother.
We just took eachothers pictures, we weren't brave enough to ask someone to take one for us. We went to Kemah boardwalk, it was a lot of fun.
Gracie got the movie "Bolt" for her 8th b-day from her grandma and she was very excited about it.

Gracie with her cake that a friend was nice enough to make. I heard it was super yummy, I am regreting not eating any of it. Gracie wanted to light her own candles and gave up after almost burning herself.
Mitchell hanging out at the end of school year picnic. He enjoyed his 6 weeks of school.
Isaac and "his" Anna. She is so cute! They are great friends and love to be with eachother.
Isaac graduating from pre-school. He is going on to Kindergarten next year.
For Gracie's Celebration of learning day, they had a few plays and each child had a part. She was the 1st little elephant in an adaptation of " The 3 little pigs" She did a great job.
Gracie waiting for her turn. She sure looks cute, and it was very creative of her to wear grey to school that day. ( the jacket came off after, way too hot to leave it on )
Gracie getting an Amazing Author award. For being very creative and had a great imagination. Her teahcer said she wrote some of the best stories she has ever read.