Friday night fun

Against my better judgment I put this picture of myself on here. But Mitchell is cute cleaning out his pumkin. So please ignore me. 

Gracie and Isaac wouldn't put their hands in their pumpkins. That means that mom and dad did it all. This is what Gracie thought it was like to touch the inside.

Here's Brad cleaning out Isaac's Pumpkin. Sorry don't know why it's blurry. 

Here are all three kido's proud of their finished products. I doubt they will last until Halloween, but it was cute to watch them and we had a lot of fun. 

just a few silly pictures

Gracie and Isaac were taking the cushions off the couch and jumping, but Mitchell got up there with a blanket and made himslef right at home. He sure looks cute!

Isaac went to a birthday party a few Saturdays ago and the theme was "pitates" he played all Sunday morning just like this. Here he is jumping on my bed. Yes, those are his underwear.

I babysat Jonathon right before they moved away and we sure love having him here. Mitchell and him were playing so good together, I went to see what they were doing and this is how I found them. Not exactly safe but they were having a great time. 

Isaac is wearing a doll's dress as a hat. He is one silly kid. He mostly kept it on because Gracie was chasing after him trying to get it. (his lips are red from licking them, poor kid)

Brad Turned 30!!!

Good bye 20's and Hello 30!

Gracie made the number 30 out of the candles for her daddy.

Brad requested Bill Cosby Cd's and a DVD. He needs funny things to listen to at work on his ipod. He should be good for a while. Thanks to his mom for sending these.

I however don't have a picture of my gift. He was going to go golfing with some friends. They went to the course that was an hour away to find out that the course was closing at 6:00, not enough time to play. So they came back to Katy to golf at a crappy course and then they went to eat. Sorry it wasn't as great as it should have been. But we love you and appreciate all you do for our family! 

Isaac turned 5!

Isaac had his fifth birthday. Here are a few pictures of the eventful day. He was supposed to have a party the Saturday before his b-day but IKE kind of had otehr plans. So we cupcakes at home and then he had a party with a few friends at the park. 

I'm pretty sure all of his gifts could be used as weapons. He got 3 swords a gun and golf clubs.  A hornet launcher and a batman motorbike.  Thanks Everybody!

Brad took Isaac to buy his lefty golf clubs and then they went to hit a bucket together. Isaac was so proud of his clubs. Although they are as big as he is. 

Here he is taking a swing at the ball. He loved setting the ball up on the tee and going to town. 

He didn't get this bike for his birthday but it's been promised to him for a long time and we finally got around to getting him one, so I put it on here. He is so cute with the smile on his face.