Birthdays and Ballet

Brad had a birthday this week. He was really confused by this big box. I love the look on his face.
This is Brad taking his present out of the box. I also love this huge smile once he realizes what it is.
And this is Brad playing his new present. I hope he had a good birthday. He went golfing and got fried from being in the sun, and then he got the dinner of his choice and then we went to get ice cream. Happy birthday Brad we love you!!
Brad is a huge fan of the show on discovery channel " Myth Busters" I'm pretty sure he just wishes he could blow stuff up everyday for his job. I saw this little kit and I thought it would be a good activity on a Saturday for him and the kids. He will get to shoot off a water rocket and I know he will love shooting it and I know Isaac and Mitchell will love watching it.
Isaac also had a birthday this month. Here are all of the kids admiring the marble run that he received from his grandma and grandpa Tippetts. Thanks!
He is wearing his birthday hat from school and he just looks so happy. He was so excited for his birthday. I think this is the first year he really understood. It was really cute.
Isaac and his Anna eating pizza and drinking root beer from their crazy straws, what more could you ask for?
And Gracie started Ballet this month. She was really excited to start. Mondays are now crazy around here, but I hope it is a good thing for her.

life around here

Well of course since school started I have to put a picture of each one on their first day of school. Mitchell is in pre school again and I'm sure he will go to the same program next year.
Isaac is in Kindergarten this year. He has a general ed teacher and a deaf ed teacher. Both must be saints to have him all day. But he is doing well and seems happy with school.
Gracie is in third grade this year. It's so weird because I feel like I just sent her off to Kinder.

This is Isaac sitting in the Fireplace. I couldn't find him anywhere. The lights were all out and then I see a faint light coming from the fireplace and it's Isaac saying " let's see whats going on here"
This pile of blanket is Mitchell sleeping. I just had to take a picture to remember how he slept. He doesn't use a sheet, just the plastic mattress and he gets in his cocoon and he is ready to sleep. ( and we painted the boys room blue as it shows in the picture)
Back in July Brad took Gracie to the Museum of Natural History because Gracie kept begging to go. This is her outside the Museum. The picture is a little far away but she just looks so happy and so grown up!

Brad is getting ready to start a new rotation at work. And thankfully his last. He will be on a WELLS team for sub sea, Gulf of Mexico. He is going to be offshore a lot in the next year and we are not happy about that. But then he will be done with the challenge program and he can get a position he likes at work with a little less travel we hope.

I am trying to get used to having the mornings to myself with the kids at school. I am enjoying the quiet, and time to exercise without kids. I have been doing more of what needs to be done and less of what I would like to do, but I'll get used to it and find a balance.