It takes Talent

As many of you know, I have started running in the last 5 months or so. I had a great partner and we followed a great routine to build up from being able to run for 30 seconds to running 2 miles. We had a goal to run a 5k on January 24th. My great running partner went to Utah for the holidays and the kids were out of school and I was worried about how I was going to run with all 3 kids at home. Brad luckily decided to take some vacation days and he was home the majority of the holidays so I was able to go running.  I went running on Monday the 29th and I ran about 2 miles when a terrible pain started in my shin, I tried to run through the pain, but I decided it wasn't going to happen and I walked the rest of the way home. Let's just say that after 11 days of pain and it not really getting better I went to the Dr. ( mostly because Brad was making me) and it turns out I have a stress fracture to my right leg. I have a lovely black boot that I have to wear and some wonderful crutches. I get to go get an MRI and go back to the Dr. next week. I hope Brad enjoys the I told you so moment because it doesn't happen often. But he was right I needed to go to the Dr. It takes talent to get a fracture running down the street doing nothing at all. I didn't step on anything or trip or fall off a curb, it was really just my running capability or the lack there of. I included a picture so you can enjoy the sight. Sorry Jennifer, No 5K for me on January 24th. I can come cheer you on though!

Busy Toothfairy

Isaac lost his first baby tooth on Jan. 6. It was on the bottom. He is showing the tooth off in the bag. You can't really see it, but that is what it's supposed to be.
Again not great, but you can kind of tell there is a hole there. 
Gracie lost her 6th tooth the day after Christmas and Isaac lost his first tooth. They are both so cute with their toothless grins. The toothfairy has been busy and is going to be poor soon. Especially since Isaac's other tooth will be coming out in a few days!

Late Santa Delivery

A few days after Christmas a rechargeable battery operated remote controlled helicopter was delivered to Isaac from "Santa". He absolutely loves it! Brad flies it while the boys and even Gracie chase it around the house and watch it fly. So thanks Santa!!