Camping Trip

We were lucky enough to get to go camping over Spring break with some friends. Sorry there are so many pictures but there were so many cute ones, I couldn't help myself. We had a great time!!!!!

   We packed the van as full as we could, and drove to the Nature Center. I think we had 13 people in there.  
  So I am changing the caption on this picture because a few people have thought this is Brad. It is  not. It's Paul Thomas one of the friends that we were with. And the kids are playing " Duck, Duck, Goose"                                       

                                Mitchell lounging by the fire. His face is all white because he ate either a raw potato or marshmallows without roasting them, that takes too long he and he wanted them NOW. ( Brad informed me it was corn on the cob)
      Isaac eating a hot dog off of his roasting stick. I think his was actually cooked. Mitchell ate 4 raw hot dogs and they came back up that night in his sleeping bag. 
                             Gracie loved the fire. She made sure we were aware when it was running low. She is just hanging out in her jammies before bed. 
                            Gracie playing checkers with Jennifer and Mitchell looking on.
Mitchell, Brain Thomas, Aaron Thomas and Alex Boyer looking for Alligators. Withe Paul and Jen Thomas besides them. 
                              Sam Boyer, Gracie and Isaac looking for Alligators.
         Gracie and Isaac actually look like they like each-other in this picture.               
Isaac carrying fire wood for Chandler so he could make dinner. 
                                I love how the boys are staring into the fire and Gracie is looking straight up,  either at rising smoke or the stars. 

Gracie got Glasses

The  nurse from Gracie's school called a few weeks ago to tell me that Gracie had failed her eye test a few times. I made an appointment for her to get them checked out and sure enough she needs glasses. She looks pretty cute in them in my opinion. She is excited and sad that she needs them, but hopefully she gets used to them soon and sees the benefit of having them. 

Lost-then found shoe

So what happens when you take 3 kids to Wal-Mart and they act like crazy wild animals, and when you get home you can't find one of those kids other shoe? You go all the way to the mall and buy more shoes right? And then what happens when you get home? You find the "Lost" shoe. So now that kid has 2 pair of shoes, Good thing huh? Anyone guessing on which kid? If you say Isaac you are a winner!!!

Where'd my baby go?

Mitchell on his BIG Boy bed.
Mitchell Helping Daddy take down his crib. 

Mitchell is potty trained and no longer in a crib, I guess it's official, he's not a baby anymore. It's a little sad. I was a little emotinal on Saturday while I watched the crib being put away. We have always had to take it down for the next child. So the child that was in it seemed so big. But there is not a next child on the way any time soon, if ever, and in my mind I still think of Mitchell as my baby. So it was a sad day for me.

Anyone want a haircut?

Gracie and I have had a debate over the years about growing out her bangs. She doesn't want to, I want her to. Since I am the one that cuts her hair I thought " I'll just get stubborn and not cut them" Well it turns out that Gracie is stubborn too. She thought "if my mom won't cut them I will!" And she did. 

 So I might have to wait until she gets older for those bangs to get grown out. I shouldn't make threats like, If you don't grow your bangs out I'll cut all your hair short. Because then she cuts her hair herself so I can't make good on my threats!

4 Fun size Twix, a handfull of Rolos, A few red vines Licorice and A few Bit-oHoney

And I  wonder why my pants keep getting tighter?