A few announcements

First of all for any of you that have heard me say how addicted I am to candy, I would just like to proudly announce that I haven't had candy for 13 days now. I thought I was going to go crazy the first few days, but it hasn't been too bad since.  I'm sure I will eat it again some time, but I will eat a few pieces here and there, and not eat a whole bag at a time. ( which I did very often). Until then I'm not eating any. Hopefully this will help me on my quest to be a little more healthy. 

The Second VERY exciting thing is that my Brother gets home from his mission in Rio de Jeneiro today! I am so excited that he is coming home. I wasn't able to go up to Utah to see him home, but I am hoping to see him soon. I just am so proud of him and want him to know how much we love him!!!!!!