Mini golf and feeding some crazy ducks

A friend asked Brad if he wanted to take the kids to the park and play mini golf. Of course he took them and I tagged along to ruin their guy time with the kids. They had fun playing golf, and feeding the ducks. They are on this rock because the ducks were a little crazy and this is their safe haven. It was either this or both boys in Brads arms. It was a great night. Thanks for letting me crash the party!

Isaac and Mitchell leaning to get a better look at the fish. I thought for sure one or both might end up IN with the fish.

Mitchell carrying around his golf club. 

Gracie golfing

Isaac and Mitchell golfing

Gracie blowing Bubbles

A few Sundays ago, in church of course. Gracie is chewing some gum and asks how to blow a bubble. I was trying to explain it, and she was trying to do it, with EXTRA gum. It wasn't working so well. We had some Bubble Gum from Halloween, so when we got home she started to try. This is her success. She was very proud of herself. She asked how many years it would take to learn. It took all of one afternoon. She is now blowing them all the time and getting gum all over her face. 

Mesquito or humming bird?


Mitchell came Running with me on Saturday morning and by Saturday afternoon his ear was HUGE! He got bit by something. For those of you who don't know, the mesquitos around here are huge and they leave BIG bites. The poor kid was miserable. He was walking around rubbing it, you could tell that it really bothered him. It's much better now. It's just a small red dot. It's amazing what Motrin and Benadryl can do. 

Dinosaur Parade

Isaac's school had an Alphabet parade and Isaac was the letter D. He was a Dinosaur. He wouldn't dress up so he wore a shirt with a dinosaur on it, and carried a plastic dinosaur to add to the effect. He was really cute to watch, and he was proud to have something to show off. 

Trade In

So I had a birthday recently and I treated myself to a new Jogging Stroller. This Umbrella Stroller is what I have been pushing Mitchell in while I run. It is like trading in the Chevy Metro for the Cadillac. It's SO much nicer!!! Happy Birthday to me. Lucky for me the camera battery was dead and there aren't any photos to post of the festivitis. But it was a great day.  Mitchell likes the Stroller as much, if not more than I do. He woke up and saw it all put together and he climbed right in and ate his snack while watching a movie. I think it's just as much for him as it is for me.

Halloween Costumes

So, these are the kids dressed up and ready to go. We went to the church and had a Chili cook off dinner, and then a carnaval and then Trunk or Treating. Of course we took the camera to the church and didn't get any pictures but they had a lot of fun, and a lot of candy for me to eat. Oh, I mean for them to eat. I love Halloween in Texas. The weather couldn't have been better. Jeans a T-shirt and Flip Flops. It's so great. The kids costumes don't haveto get all covered up by the Heavy Winter Jackets. I am a little biased but I think they are pretty darn cute! Oh, in case you can't tell Mitchell is Linus from Charlie Brown. He wasn't really up to dressing up and he has his blanket and thumb at all times, so automatic costume!