Birthdays and Ballet

Brad had a birthday this week. He was really confused by this big box. I love the look on his face.
This is Brad taking his present out of the box. I also love this huge smile once he realizes what it is.
And this is Brad playing his new present. I hope he had a good birthday. He went golfing and got fried from being in the sun, and then he got the dinner of his choice and then we went to get ice cream. Happy birthday Brad we love you!!
Brad is a huge fan of the show on discovery channel " Myth Busters" I'm pretty sure he just wishes he could blow stuff up everyday for his job. I saw this little kit and I thought it would be a good activity on a Saturday for him and the kids. He will get to shoot off a water rocket and I know he will love shooting it and I know Isaac and Mitchell will love watching it.
Isaac also had a birthday this month. Here are all of the kids admiring the marble run that he received from his grandma and grandpa Tippetts. Thanks!
He is wearing his birthday hat from school and he just looks so happy. He was so excited for his birthday. I think this is the first year he really understood. It was really cute.
Isaac and his Anna eating pizza and drinking root beer from their crazy straws, what more could you ask for?
And Gracie started Ballet this month. She was really excited to start. Mondays are now crazy around here, but I hope it is a good thing for her.



September 25, 2009 at 9:44 AM

what a great present! Looks like everyone had great birthdays. Connor is already talking about what he wants to do for his birthday.