just a few silly pictures

Gracie and Isaac were taking the cushions off the couch and jumping, but Mitchell got up there with a blanket and made himslef right at home. He sure looks cute!

Isaac went to a birthday party a few Saturdays ago and the theme was "pitates" he played all Sunday morning just like this. Here he is jumping on my bed. Yes, those are his underwear.

I babysat Jonathon right before they moved away and we sure love having him here. Mitchell and him were playing so good together, I went to see what they were doing and this is how I found them. Not exactly safe but they were having a great time. 

Isaac is wearing a doll's dress as a hat. He is one silly kid. He mostly kept it on because Gracie was chasing after him trying to get it. (his lips are red from licking them, poor kid)


  The Huffs

October 17, 2008 at 4:27 PM

All adorable pictures! Where's Gracie though??