Spring Break Camping Trip

Most of the kids that joined us on our Spring Break Camping Trip. Everyone was mostly packed up and ready to go. We are missing a few that had already left.
We saw Mitchell like this a lot. He would just drop anywhere, he didn't care where he was, or who was watching.
One of the highlights of camping was the Marshmallow guns. The kids loved them, but the adults joined in too. We had one fight at night, and it was really fun. Here Isaac and Gracie are looking for more Marshmallows to go back in for more fun.
We were there over St. Patricks day and someone brought up green hair dye. Isaac wanted a green stripe like a mo hawk, it might just make him look like a green skunk. He was excited about it either way.
I went up on Wednesday night with me and the kiddos. They kids were great, but I was overly ready for Brad to get there Thursday night. It was a great time with good friends and yummy food. The kids played so hard all day that Isaac actually asked to go to bed. The weather was perfect. It was overall a great way to spend Spring Break.