What a mess

Here is some Hurricane coverage for all of those that haven't been seeing this on every news channel every hour of every day. 

This one is the tail end of Hurricane Ike. This was the most mild part of the hurricane. 

Here are two showing the yard pooling up on the side and back of the house. 


Brad and Seth Bounds went out Saturday to see who in the ward needed help, they took the video camera along to record some of the mess and the damage. It's inside of a moving car so it's a little shaky. But you can see some of the mess.



  El Jefe

September 24, 2008 at 2:00 PM

Aren't you glad you moved to Texas? So much more exciting than the weather-related events that happen in Utah. Unless your idea of excitement is sleeping on your sister-in-law's couch because the only 2 roads to EagleMountain are closed for the night because of snow drifts. Exciting? Nope. Unless your sister-in-law is a super hot mod... Just kidding. Just kidding (about me thinking my sister-in-law is super hot). Okay, I'm done. Bye. Gotta go.


September 29, 2008 at 12:51 PM

Brad! Holy Crud! I just started doing a little blog hopping and I had no idea that you lived in Texas. I have been looking for jobs down there, so I am just crazy or what? It sounds like you guys were pretty blessed. Anyways you can find our blog(really my wife does it all)from the Allens blog.

Anyways, good luck with all that is going on.

-Travis Johnson