Witches, guitars & Flying Humans

For my monthly Bunco group, the lady hosting decided that it was going to be a "Witches Night Out" since it was October. I decided to have fun with it and dress up. Gracie wanted a "scary" pose, and this is my feeble attempt.

Showing off my awesome black and purple tights.
Gracie has now decided that she is also going to be a Witch for Halloween. Isaac thought I was cool, Mitchell wasn't so sure what to think.
Trying to show how much make-up I had on, but you can't really tell.
One day after work last week, Brad said he needed a few minutes to de-stress. He got his guitar and sat at the computer to practice. Mitchell went and got his guitar and sat by his daddy, he has a guitar pick in his hand an everything. I had to take a picture because it's so darn cute!
Isaac's wheels are turning at all times. He decided putting my exercise resistance bands on the posts of my bed and leaning into it, and having it thrust him forward was a good idea. And of course he had to have a sword in his hands at all times. I think he has a few guardian angels because he has yet to get injured doing these crazy things.


  Jennie Larsen

October 18, 2009 at 11:05 PM

LOVE the witch costume! You look great! And the pics of your kids and their antics make me so happy! Speaking of happy news...we took the Exxon job! So...we'll see you next summer! Woohoo!!!!!!