A whole bunch of pictures

Isaac after he found some eggs in our yard planted by a special Easter bunny. He got those pink ears from school and he wore them a lot all weekend.
One of the eggs broke open and there was candy on the grass and he just couldn't let it waste.
Gracie after all of her egg were collected.
Mitchell proud of his amount.
All three kids in the yard looking for eggs.
We woke up Sunday morning to find our lawn full of eggs, and this is the kids waiting to be let outside to go find them. We were mean parents and made them eat breakfast first.
Saturday we died eggs and the boys immediately began to eat them after they were done being decorated.

Some of the finished product.
Mitchell went to his Ms. Amy's house for an egg hunt. She used to come over ever week to do therapy with him. I hadn't seen her for a year, but Mitchell sees her sometimes at school. He wanted to pose this way.
Mitchell's pre school teacher Mrs. G. He wanted pictures with both teachers. It was sweet.
Mitchell and Ms. Amy. We miss her coming to our home. She was so great. It was a lot of fun to get to go to her house and see her for this egg hunt.
Gracie decided to have a "room" sale to earn some money. She wanted to sale each item for $10. I told her that's not really the way it's done, but she replied that is how she will make the most money. Surprisingly, nothing sold. I love the sun glasses over her glasses and the bunny ears.
Gracie was singing to us while she decorated her eggs. She was using the paint brush as her microphone. She was giving us a little Kelly Clarkson to listen to while we died the eggs.
I have been asking Gracie if she would like her ears pierced for a bout 4 yrs. and the answer is always a very polite, no thank you. So I was very shocked when a few Sundays ago she asked me if she could get them done. I said yes and told her she had Friday off school and we would do it then.
Getting her first ear done. She had my hand pretty tight. I don't think she was that excited that there was another ear to do. But she was really brave.
The ears pre earrings.
This year we put Isaac in Baseball. He has not really enjoyed it so far. I think it's too slow for him. But he is pretty cute in his uniform so I had to get a few pictures one day before a game. He does love the socks that go all the way up to his thigh. He wears those on a regular basis.
Last Week he got 2 runs for the team and got the team ball. He really liked that. I think it made him not dislike it so much. He likes to hit and run, but not anything else.


  The Hunsakers

April 7, 2010 at 6:18 PM

We'll have to invite Brad and Isaac to a baseball game. Maybe he will start to enjoy it more then.


April 7, 2010 at 9:49 PM

Those are all really cute pictures. It's nice to look at them lickety split without waiting half an hour for the picts to load. You guys look like you are doing great!


April 9, 2010 at 9:50 AM

Your kids sure are growing up!!