Busy Spring (catching up)

We decided to try Mitchell on Swim Team this year. He was scared to try. He didn't think he wanted to swim the length of that really big pool. I was really proud of him for getting in and facing his fears. He tried really hard. He didn't make the team this year, but he improved a lot over the Summer and he says he is ready to try again next year.
Isaac took some convincing to get into the water the first couple of weeks. It was too cold for him. He would do the minimal amount of laps and then get out purple mouthed and shivering. He improved a lot on his back stroke and he enjoyed learning the breast and butterfly strokes. He made it to meet of champs for freestyle.
Isaac got "Most Spirited Award" He would show up happy and ready to swim everyday. He got a swim team hat, which he is anxiously waiting his head to grow into.
Gracie had a lot of fun with swim team this year. She improved on some of her strokes and enjoyed playing and making new friends. So proud of her hard work.
The kids with two of their swim team coaches, at the end of season party.
Isaac wanted a blue mow hawk for at least 3 months. I had to keep telling him no because of school. So on the last day of school we went to get his hair cut and to buy blue hairspray. He was beyond excited.

Our Church had their annual 5k and family fun run. I had registered well in advance. I was looking forward to beating my time from last year. But my back had been hurting and I finally decided to go to the Dr. and he told me no working out or running. He said I could walk this 5k since I was already registered. I was very disappointed, but my good friend was nice enough to sacrifice her time to walk it with me. Even walking I was only 5 minutes slower than the year before.
We decided to run the last few hundred meters, I couldn't finish not running.
Gracie turned 10! wow how time flies. She wanted to go to Red Lobster with just mom and dad. So we got a sitter for the boys and took her to eat. Her other request was to play with a dog for the day. So I called up a friend with 2 dogs and she let us bring them over to play for a good part oft he day and she could play and the boys loved having one to pester as well.
She wanted some Harry Potter movies she didn't have, and Harry Potter Lego's. She is such a creative, fun, and loving addition to our family.

Mitchell Graduated Pre School. He is getting his award and posing with his teachers. He loved having them for 2 years and misses them a lot.

Every year at the end of year picnic we would go to the park and eat and play and fish. Isaac would always say he wanted to catch a fish and he never did. Until this year. He was so excited he almost dropped the fishing pole and lost the fish. He finally caught one his last year attending.
Mitchell also had a birthday. He turned 5 years old. I can't believe he is getting so grown up. He is so sweet and loving and so much fun to have around. He wanted a red remote controlled helicopter and I found him one, and he was so happy. He loves flying it.

Mitchell complained of a stomach ache for a few days off and on. I didn't really take him seriously because he would tell me, and then go jump on the trampoline or wrestle Isaac. But after 4 days of him complaining I took him to the Dr. It turns out he had strep throat and I had ignored it for 4 days. One of the symptoms of strep throat can be an upset stomach. So we got him on the antibiotics and I thought we were on the road to recovery. But 2 days later he said his stomach hurt even more. So back to the Dr. we went and she ordered to have some blood drawn and an ultrasound of his tummy. We got the blood work done right away, but the ultrasound had to wait 3 days. We scheduled it and went home to wait. That night he wouldn't walk or eat or get up off the couch because he said it hurt too much. I took him to the ER thinking it might be his appendix. They drew more blood and did an ultrasound on his belly, and they didn't have a definite answer for us. So they admitted us to observe him. After a night and a day of being pale and laying in bed and not eating, they did a CT scan and it turns out he just REALLY had to use the bathroom. So some laxatives and apple juice were perscribed and we were headed home. I felt so bad that he had to go through it all, but glad it wasn't anything worse. He did not like sleeping in the Hospital and he really wanted his blanket. When dad came and brought it to him he was a very happy little boy.